Djokovic will recover from COVID-19 but his leadership is terminal – Sydney Morning Herald

For as soon as, Nick Kyrgios was a master of subtlety. There wasnt a Whoah mother!, and even a Whoa nooooo. Instead, he set forth a restrained, understated Oh boy to the news that Novak Djokovic, possibly his favourite off-court speed ball, had checked favorable to COVID-19. Kyrgios wasnt surprised, since nobody was surprised. Djokovics test result looked like the masterpiece of a moronic week at the quickly organised Adria Tour in the Balkans, which has actually left a trail of top gamers, some coaches and highly likely fans infected. It likewise left his already strained reputation as a leader of the sport in freefall.There had been regular hugging, back slapping, interactions with fans like it was the heady days of 2019 and, in between a couple of matches, frat kid nightclub scenes with players doing the limbo and dancing the night away like the pandemic could be waved away like cigarette smoke outside the front door.Were they all immune? They were rich, ill and bored of isolation measures, so the logic says yes. Sadly, all the gratitude-infused health water in the Adriatic Sea wasnt enough to prevent a cluster of transmissions that have deeply ashamed the world No. 1 and others, like Grigor Dimitrov, who soaked up the carefree environment and infection particles.