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This is everything YOU need to know about Nintendo’s handheld consoles – from the original Gameboy, all the way up to their Switch, including the potential new release of their Switch 2!


Long before we carried cell phones in our pockets all day long, kids were rocking the original handheld: The Nintendo Game Boy. Nintendo had already changed lifestyles with the home console release of the NES and the Game Boy would enter a whole different market. As the company shrugged off competitors, introduced the Pokemon craze, and evolved — everything would eventually blend into one with the release of the Nintendo Switch. In the home console wars, Nintendo quietly bowed out years ago — not worrying about Sony or Microsoft’s focus on the best graphics or fastest processor and sticking to classic game franchises and novelties like the interactive Wii remote. Well, there’s one console battle Nintendo has won year after year — the handheld market. The evolution of Nintendo’s handhelds have been almost perfect and a section of the industry the company sought to capture long before the first Game Boy even hit store shelves. Learn about the DS, why there were so many versions and how Nintendo had very little competition in the handheld world! Learn about the Switch Pro, how the screen may fold, and how the advanced console will honor the DS. In 2001, Nintendo introduced the Game Boy Advance — commonly mistaken as “Advanced” — there’s no “D” on this one. Unfortunately, a lot of the “Advance” features gamers wanted weren’t quite there yet. The screen was bigger with a nice landscape design, but there was no backlight.

See how the evolution progressed, how Nintendo got over blunders like the Game Boy Micro, and how the Nintendo 3DS could have a HUGE influence on the eventual release of the Nintendo Switch Pro!

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