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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives, so its only natural that it would affect more than among Apples item statements at the other days WWDC. Whether its the Apple Watchs handwashing function or the new face mask choices for Memoji, the pandemics existence was consistently felt throughout Apples presentation. And lets not forget, its whole prerecorded streaming format was driven by the pandemic in the very first place.
In some cases, Apples statements appeared to come in direct reaction to the pandemic, however others, like bike instructions for Maps, were almost definitely in development prior to COVID-19. They simply occur to be releasing at a time theyre needed most.
Apple has already made at least one change in reaction to the pandemic. Last month, with iOS 13.5, the company made it simpler to unlock your Face ID-equipped phone if youre using a mask. This is also the same iOS update that consisted of support for Apples and Googles contact-tracing API.
Here are the most significant methods the COVID-19 pandemic was on display screen at Apples Worldwide Developers Conference:

When youre washing your hands and advise you to keep washing if you stop early, watchos 7 can sense.

Image: Apple

The Apple Watchs handwashing feature (clearly).
Lets begin with the obvious one: the Apple Watch is being updated to motivate you to clean your hands properly. Weve seen comparable functions included to Samsung and Wear OS smartwatches, but Apple is declaring that its Watch is the very first to instantly detect when youre cleaning your hands.
It does this by evaluating your hand movement utilizing maker knowing and listening to verify the sound of running water. Then, itll show a countdown timer and alert you when youve washed your hands for the advised quantity of time. If you attempt to stop early, itll prompt you to bring on.

Image: Apple.

Memoji face coverings.
As COVID-19 spread out around the world, face masks quickly became a basic yet effective method of minimizing transmission. Now, as nations are reckoning with how to permit services to open up post COVID-19, numerous are requiring individuals to use face masks. Theyre now needed on lots of domestic flights in the United States in addition to in some theater chains.
So it makes good sense that Apple would add them as a Memoji personalization option. Throughout its WWDC presentation, the company flaunted a Memoji using a green medical face mask, a color you can customize, according to the release notes for iOS 14.

Face coverings are just one of the brand-new Memoji options.

Image: Apple.

Apple Maps biking instructions.
Cycling directions arent something you construct at the last minute, however theyve been missing from Apple Maps for so long (Google Maps added them in 2010) that its still a fantastic coincidence they d release throughout the pandemic, simply as interest in cycling is growing. Social distancing rules are challenging to preserve on public transportation, so cycling is being promoted by cities as a healthier, more eco-friendly option for getting around. The amount of time Apple invested on the feature during its presentation shows how important cycling has actually suddenly ended up being.
With iOS 14, Apple Maps is getting upgraded with biking instructions for New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing. Youll see elevation changes along your path, and the app can recommend times when you may be better off walking your bike up and down some stairs instead of cycling the long method round. A screenshot of the performance revealed by Apple shows that the app can provide you a choice between faster and less hectic paths.

App Clips were promoted as a quicker method to rent shared e-scooters, among other things.

Image: Apple.

App Clips for micromobility sharing and more.
Micromobility sharing services are another method to prevent public transport, and with iOS 14, Apple has actually presented a feature that must make it much easier to rent shared automobiles like e-scooters regardless of what brand you come across. App Clips are a way of getting a small portion of an app onto your phone in seconds without having to go through the regular process of downloading it from the App Store. At WWDC, Apple specifically demoed it being utilized to unlock and rent an e-scooter.
App Clips are a big feature that Apple pictures being used for everything from paying for parking to ordering coffee in a shop without needing to communicate closely with other human beings. It looks like a feature that Apple was going to present despite the pandemic, particularly after Googles Instant Apps for Android introduced in 2017. As companies like Starbucks turn to mobile ordering systems to help with social distancing and contactless payments, App Clips could help with numerous more aspects of our post-coronavirus lives.

Cycling directions in Apple Maps give you info about how busy a path is.

Messages and FaceTime enhancements.
Its clear that the pandemic has actually made messaging and video communications apps more vital than ever, and weve currently seen numerous business present brand-new functions in action. WhatsApp and Google Duo have actually increased the maximum variety of participants you can have in a call, Google has actually made its Meet videoconferencing service totally free for anyone with a Google account, and Zoom has ended up being a home name.
In a similar vein, Apples services are getting a series of updates that should make them more effective communication tools, which will be especially useful during the pandemic. Youll be able to react to particular messages in a chat and call individuals out by name– two functions that are crucial for assisting in communications with big groups.

Messages is getting updated with much better support for groups.

Image: Apple.

Tim Cook took to the stage in an empty auditorium to start the other days discussion.

Picture by Brooks Kraft/ Apple Inc

The COVID-19 pandemic has actually affected nearly every element of our lives, so its only natural that it would impact more than one of Apples item statements at yesterdays WWDC. Whether its the Apple Watchs handwashing feature or the new face mask alternatives for Memoji, the pandemics existence was repeatedly felt throughout Apples presentation. Apple has actually already made at least one modification in response to the pandemic. It looks like a function that Apple was going to introduce regardless of the pandemic, specifically after Googles Instant Apps for Android launched in 2017. In a similar vein, Apples services are receiving a series of updates that should make them more efficient communication tools, which will be especially handy during the pandemic.

. The discussion as a whole.
Obviously, the online-only format of the presentation was probably the single biggest method the pandemic was on screen at WWDC. Instead of choosing an onstage demonstration in the style that the business has actually been utilizing for decades, COVID-19 required Apple to reinvent its technique, with private presenters explaining and showing its software application across various places.
At the end of the discussion, Apple took a moment to detail its commitment to health and wellness during filming. Face coverings were worn by everyone on set aside from the on-camera presenter, social distancing measures were observed, and Apple states that when numerous presenters were featured, they were separated from one another.
It was a rejuvenating change for a company thats utilized the same technique for its presentations for years, going back to the time of its late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. To me, it seemed like a change for the much better. The entire discussion was slick and densely packed with info, even if a little environment may have been lost due to the absence of a live audience.
It was a rejuvenating modification of rate, and I d like to see a minimum of parts of this style stay even when its safe for Apple to do public presentations once again.